1. Weekend House | WAV

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    Vengeance 67 Camaro (by Tim Pethel)

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    See you next year!


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    Snoop Dogg is going to tell us the meaning of Christmas.

    Twas the nizzle before Christmizzle, and all through the hizzle…

    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mizzle.

    fo shizzle.

    All were awaiting Sizzle Clause and his bag

    To bring the good homies and bitches their swag

    And lil momma with her forty and me with my gat
    had just settled in to roll somethin’ fat.

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    Took advantage of the discount code posted by downeastandout a while back for the bespoke tie service from Linkson Jack and I must say the 3-fold unlined dark blue large weave silk grenadine tie I received is truly gorgeous.

    Tweed Blazer: Tommy Hilfiger Shirt: United Tailors Tie: Arcuri for Linkson Jack Bespoke Jeans: WeSC Belt: Archive Lapel Flower: Dolbeau Pochette: Carson Street Clothiers Tassel Loafers: London Brown

    Looks great.


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    What bloody size is that 😍


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    I’m following back 1OO% until I find a tumblr girlfriend ∞

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